Fashion runs the world

Fashion is the one thing that i really have a passion for. Whether it be London Fashion Week or a new designer, i am always enchanted with the design and the dedication that goes into creating that dress or that top fascinates me.

It is hardly surprising that fashion envelopes the world in its soft couture hug and each city has its very own identity with its very own designers. I have not had the pleasure yet to visit every fashion capital around the world but coming from London, i can definitely say that we have our own culture and style. Being the home of Burberry and Vivienne Westwood, we are eclectic and sophisticated all the same time. Whatever the trend, a London girl is not afraid to take the piece and give it her own twist.

La Redoute, the French fashion brand ( have always been on trend and in typical French style, sell some of the most unique but simple pieces which can update any girl’s wardrobe. It is funny but i bought my first dungarees at the age of 10 from the catalogue and i remember it so vividly well

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