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For those of you who don’t know fabled. Fabled in the brainchild of Marie Claire, showcasing some of the most unique and premium brands which have been tried and tested by the magazine’s beauty team. I am a new discoverer of Fabled.com and instantly fell for their seven days a week delivery service (how cool is that!) and the fact that I got the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette with 15% off  on the day of its release. This week, Fabled turned one and they had a big party at their store at Tottenham Court Road to celebrate. Though it was a ticketed event, there was a huge queue when I arrived at the store. This was my first time visiting the store so I was fascinated to find that it was on a whole revamped part of Tottenham Court Road, sitting amongst Waterstones and Oasis.

The first thing that struck me was that though it had a beauty hall feel about it, each of the counters were so well stocked a presented. Just look at the white roses at the Urban Decay stand above. The Naked Heat was there in all its glory and the counter was offering a whole box of free samples with any two purchases.

I have a real affinity with lipsticks and I loved seeing all of them displayed so beautifully on each counter. My personal favourite were the YSL lipsticks, I already own a few of them but seeing them being shown off like that made me want more!

Growing up, I was  BIG Chanel make up fan and I still own a few pieces of it and the glossy black packaging still makes me swoon. I was interested to see that they have launch their own take on matte liquid lipsticks called Rouge Allure Ink. I did swatch a few as you can see above, the colours are beautiful and so rich but even after being on my arm for a few minutes, they didn’t dry matte; instead they stayed this glossy texture. The Rouge Allure Inks would be good for people who don’t like a matte liquid lipstick, for me, I prefer the matte texture.

I had a good time at the Fabled birthday event, it was nice to see so many people had turned out to celebrate the event and there were lots of deals on at each of the counters. I would like the visit the store again but on a less busier occasion so I can discover some of the smaller brands. One of the ones that caught my eye was Delilah so I definitely want to go back and swatch their products.

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