Fabled 2nd Birthday

Fabled by Marie Claire celebrated its second birthday in Tottenham Court Road, with a store full of balloons, cupcakes and lipsticks. 

Fabled by Marie Claire have been based in Tottenham Court Road since the last two years, bringing the very best in beauty to the doorstep of its customers. I have always liked the feel of the Fabled stores, it is quiet and a very personalised experience with assistants on hand at every brand counter to talk through the products with you and help you try them out too. I went to visit the store on its second birthday and celebrate the special occasion with the store staff.

On arrival we were given our tokens for our goody bags and guided into the store to get involved in the celebrations. In the centre of the store was this huge cake accompanied with cupcakes in pink and grey. There was also a claw machine filled with beauty goodies and macaroons you could win. I could only get a macaroon sadly!

We walked around testing out the various beauty bits and generally trying out what we could. There was also 20% off in the entire store but it was so hard to find somewhere to pay that I just gave up wanting to buy anything.

It felt good to have the whole store closed off to us to try out all the beauty products in peace. The cupcakes were scrumptious and I loved the whole fun feel of the event. Fabled is a great store and I often venture there when I want to try out new beauty products without all the crowds that you often get at big department stores. 

Check out all the Fabled store goodies over here.

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