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If there is one fashion girl i am a currently obsessed with, it has to be Kendall Jenner. She seems to have that effortless natural cool girl look down to a pat so i was incredibly excited to hear that she was going to launch her own make up collection. She has made her own name in the fashion world with the undone glamour look and i love the fact that you can tell the difference when she glams up or dresses down.

As the face of Estee Lauder, she has now launched her own make up edit called the Estee Edit collection, in conjunction with Korean blogger Irene Kim. The collection contains 82 pieces ensuring that all products for the face are covered. I headed to Selfridges as soon as it launched to check out what the fuss was all about and whether it was for me.


My face after the Estee Edit makeover

The lovely girls at the counter were happy to give me a whole look using the collection. After removing the make up i was wearing, the make up artist first applied Rescue Balm for Face + Body which was hydrating and cooling all at the same time. She then applied the Late Night Eraser which helped brighten my under eyes helped reduce my dark eye circles. After that, she added on the Pore Vanishing Stick and the Beam Team Hydrate + Glow to complete the foundation of my skin. On top, she added on the Skin glowing balm make up and went on to apply the blusher and the photo finish powder. She completed my look using the Barest Lip Color in ‘So Bare’ which went on simply beautifully and felt so hydrating on my lips.


What’s my verdict? Once the look was complete, i had a good hard look at my face. I have incredibly oily skin so all these ‘hydrating’ products made my skin feel sticky to touch and rather slick in natural light. Even with the photo finish powder, it didn’t seem to dull down the shine on my t-zone and that is what i need more than anything. The lip colors were the stand out product for me and i ended up buying the lipstick. The skin glowing balm also didn’t have much coverage which is again something i prioritise when i buy foundations for my blemish prone skin. It is a great collection but made for someone with fairer more normal skin. Sadly for me, it would just create havoc.

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