Embracing the casual life

For these jogger trousers

Lockdown has changed my style completely. I wanted to share with all of you, the casual pace of life I have adopted and the casual fashion that has become my day to day outfit.

Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine. When lockdown commenced, I was pregnant and so much so that nothing of my usual wardrobe fit me. However, I was still working and so I vowed that I would continue to make an effort to dress every morning, even if it was for my online meetings and put on something that wasn’t my pyjamas.

For this loungewear outfit see here

Seven months on and let’s just say that all fashion rules have gone to kingdom come. I don’t wear my usual dresses and dress to the nines to head to the shops. After having a baby, my body is not the same as it used to be at all and though I am having trouble fitting into my normal wardrobe, I am still determined not to wear my jammies everyday and actually get dressed.

For these jogger trousers

So I have come to a happy middle place. Jogging trousers. Now now, before you shake your head in disgust, hear me out. The last time I wore jogging trousers, I was 16 years old and thought it was the height of fashion to wear them, essentially gym gear, out and about.

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For these jogger trousers

Now, they have come back into my life in a big way. I am living in jogging trousers, I dress them up with my big jumpers and they are honestly the best thing to wear at the moment. Whether I am lounging about at home or going out for my daily walk, they are comfortable and best of all, I don’t feel like I have to apologise for not looking my best.

What is your favourite outfit to lounge about in? Let me know!

Sanoobar x

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  1. Shilpa
    October 24, 2020 / 6:59 pm

    You look as gorgeous as ever❤️

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