Egerton House Hotel Vegetarian Afternoon Tea

The Egerton House Hotel in Knightsbridge offers a vegetarian afternoon tea, complete with a cosy tea room and personalised service.

Afternoon teas are known for being filled with sugar, dairy and luxury to the hilt. I definitely don’t like to sacrifice on the luxury aspect and the Egerton House Hotel is every inch of that. I arrived at the hotel, not really sure what to expect but immediately realised that they took pride in their service. I had my coat taken off me and I was guided down the stairs to their tea room which had actually been set up for a doggy afternoon tea. We were reassured that this would not affect us and we definitely were not. Instead we were treated as though we were the only two people in the whole hotel.

We were first asked about our choice of tea and I chose the Jasmine tea. To my surprise, it came in a see through teapot with a ‘flowering’ jasmine and lily tea and once allowed to brew, it was actually really lovely. Soft in taste but still a strong tea that didn’t overbrew as our tea went on.

The tea was the main attraction and it did not disappoint. Set out on the traditional afternoon tea stand, we couldn’t wait to get started on the tea. The desserts looked delicious whilst the sandwiches came in flavours that I hadn’t had before in an afternoon tea.

The sandwiches were freshly cut with various flavours including grilled vegetable, guacamole and rocket, cucumber and cheese and an olive tempenade with sun dried tomatoes. I liked the alternative flavours and even asked to try and few more of them once I had got through the orginal ones I had been served.

The scones were beautifully made, soft and fresh and I was eager to start eating them that I barely had a chance to take a photo of them. They fell apart easily and the clotted cream and jam spread smoothly on them. I took my time eating them and even enjoyed the fruit scone, one that I don’t usually love in an afternoon tea.

The desserts were the stars of the afternoon tea, very well presented and all homemade in the hotel. There was a coconut macaroon, a chocolate brownie, a carrot flavoured cupcake and a rhubarb and custard flavoured pastry. In the centre was a strawberry mousse of sorts but I didn’t enjoy that as much as I enjoyed all the other desserts.

The best part of this afternoon tea was the service. From the moment we stepped into the hotel, till the moment we left, we were taken care of. They were happy to deal with dietary requirements and my friend had the vegan afternoon tea and the same amount of care was taken for her desserts and food too. I would highly recommend this afternoon tea who wants to try an afternoon tea complete with an intimate atmosphere.

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