Edinburgh Zoo

I am a big fan of zoos, it’s safe to say that if i could live in one, i would go there in a heartbeat. Surrounded by animals, i feel at home wanting to adopt each and every single one of them. When i heard that i was headed to the land of Edinburgh to visit the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, i jumped at the chance! The zoo is a lovely place with some welcoming guides and people to hand to help you find your way. Having walked miles from the centre of Edinburgh to the zoo (it is further than it looks!), we hopped aboard the zoo trailer to give our feet a rest and get a good view of the zoo from on top of the hill that it is set on. There are lots of trails that you can follow to get around the area but do make sure it is a sunny day so you can discover every nook and cranny of the zoo.

The best part of the zoo for me was the panda enclosure. Having watched the BBC documentary, i was very very excited to discover that i would be able to see them in the flesh. My other half had booked a session beforehand, we were able to get into the panda exposure earlier than we were meant to. We were accompanied by a guide who talked us through the panda’s journey to the UK and their behaviours. Surprisingly, the male panda randomly came inside and started eating his bamboo. He was so cute and got grumpy when he realised there were people watching him and taking photos. The female panda, Tian Tian, was too busy snoozing outside in the sunshine to be seen by us.

I had a fabulous time at the zoo and really enjoyed every moment of it. I got to see some wonderful animals and got to see one of my favourite animals, PANDAS!!

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