Easter at Lush in Westfield White City

Easter at Lush is always a special affair with egg shaped bath bombs and carrot shaped bath items. I had a great time discovering their new collection.

Lush is one of my favourite stores and they are one of the few beauty companies whose ethics and values dictate every aspect of what they do. I was very kindly invited to the launch of their new Lush store in Westfield White City and I was awestruck from the moment I walked in.

One of the sales assistants (Lush have THE best sales people!) talked me through the store and told me all about how every aspect of the store is made to be sustainable and also made of actual recycled materials.

Their walls are made of recycled materials and even their ethic statement is made of materials that come from Lush’s packaging. It is amazing to see a brand embody every aspect of their ethos and their new store is no different.

I am loving Lush’s Easter collection and their bath bombs are egg shaped and they smell out of this world.  I was so tempted to add to my very large collection of bath bombs and was amazing by how far they have gone to incorporate Easter into their products.

Some of you might have seen my time at the Lush Summit and I loved seeing the products that were only being previewed at the event. The colours, the shapes and the slogans as well that went with the products made sure that the spirit of Easter was truly depicted in their collection.

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