Dyson Hair

Dyson very kindly invited me to their store in Oxford Street to try out their hairdryer. The Dyson hairdryer is one of the most hyped beauty products that has released this year with the company spending over $71million to create the world’s best hairdryer. The hair dryer is unique in every way, it is shaped as black hole and completely blade less with the dryer relying on vacuum technology to blow dry the hair. The dryer is smaller than any average hair dryer and lighter as well. The weight of the hair dryer is reassuring, not too heavy or light and easy to manoeuvre so if you have long hair like mine, it is not going to wear your arm out.

I often find myself getting rather hot and flustered but the Dyson hair dryer does not do this. You can definitely tell that the Dyson hair scientists have done their research. My hair felt very soft and luxurious when the stylist had finished, leaving it feeling not fried but instead hydrated and light. I am very impressed by the hair dryer but the price tag of £300 makes me think twice. It is a luxury product and definitely look into it if  you are looking for an amazing new hair dryer and have the cash to spare.

Dyson hair dryer is available here.

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