Discovering Doughnut Time

Ok so full exposure, I have never been a huge fan of donuts but when Jess told me about Doughnut Time, I had to take a visit and discover what on earth this Egg Sheeran donut was. On a rainy day, we headed to the Doughnut Time in Soho and were expecting a huge queue which are often normal around Doughnut Time windows. Thankfully the rain had driven away most of the dessert lovers so we quickly got to the front of the queue.

There were literally donuts from all the dreamiest flavours on display: the Egg Sheeran is made out of strawberry glaze and chocolate custard-filled doughnut, topped with cream glaze drizzle, mini eggs and confetti sprinkles, the Percy Pig one is made out of strawberry glaze with strawberry butter cream, topped with pink sprinkles and Percy Pigs, the Tease Me Baby is made out of chocolate glaze doughnut, topped with confetti sprinkles, milk chocolate beans and a Malteser bunny – the flavours go on and on. As you can tell these are not any ordinary donuts, in fact they contain so much sugar that you are best advised to share them with a loved one.

I settled for the Egg Sheeran and it was honestly heaven in a box. So sugary sweet that I had a toothache but still worth every single bite. If you are expecting a dessert, I would highly recommend these as a sweet treat.

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  1. May 3, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    This place looks doughnut heaven! Also it’s amazing that they sell vegan doughnuts as well

    Rachael –

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