Dalloway Terrace dinner review

The Bloomsbury’s Dalloway Terrace has been transformed into a tropical jungle this Spring and I popped there for dinner to experience its magic and try out their new menu.

Each season, The Bloomsbury hotel’s Dalloway Terrace changes over to take on a new persona. For Spring, it has been dressed to show off the magic of Sri Lanka taking inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s husband’s novel Leonard Woolf’s ‘The Village in the Jungle’. The terrace has been decorated in the most beautiful red orchids amongst tropical leaves and banana plant trees. We walked into the restaurant and was immediately enchanted, it is stunning.

I was there for dinner and it was twinkling in fairy lights and was so welcoming. I ordered the Boosting Berry Smoothie as my drink and the Pea and Asparagus Risotto. The smoothie was very refreshing and I instantly picked me up after a long day at work. The risotto was delicious, creamy, cheesy and perfectly cooked to be warming from the inside out. For dessert, we had the baked vanilla cheesecake which was probably the most delicious cheesecake I ever have tasted.

The whole experience was great, the service was impeccable with our waiter knowing just when we wanted the next course. I spotted on their menu that they had the afternoon tea so I would love to go back and try that out soon.

For more information about Dalloway Terrace, see here.

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