Ctrl Alt Delete podcast live at Jigsaw

I have been a huge fan of Emma Gannon’s podcast Ctrl Alt Delete for absolutely ages so when I heard that she was going to be creating a live podcast at Jigsaw, I had to attend. 

This year, Jigsaw is launching a new campaign ‘Creativity does not discriminate’ to champion female leaders in the creativity industry through film and photography. In collaboration with Kodak, Jigsaw are relaunching a 125 year old campaign called ‘Kodak girl’ which celebrates new creative talent.

The live podcast had visiting guests: Insta-poet and author Charly Cox, Suitcase magazine founder Serena Guen and Jigsaw’s Head of Design Sally Graveling. They discussed the challenges creative women faced in the industry and what they are doing to combat them. The message from all of them was very positive, you have to take a risk to truly find your passion in work.

I had an amazing time at the Emma Gannon event and honestly, I think she is just amazing. She is the ultimate embodiment of girl power and she works so hard to make her podcast the emblem of creative genius.

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