Cruella Afternoon Tea review

When The Lanesborough launched its Cruella themed afternoon tea, I had to try it to see if it was indeed ‘a little bit mad’.

As one of Disney’s most chicest villains came back onto our screens, one of London’s most iconic hotels The Lanesborough created a homage to Cruella with an edible and striking artistic afternoon tea. The afternoon tea named ‘It’s A Little Bit Mad’ after the villain, was set in London’s 5 star hotel in Knightsbridge overlooking the Hyde Park. On arrival on the hotel, we were guided to the Regency period tea room, with eggshell blue walls and possibly the most elegant chandeliers I have ever seen.

We were seated in the foyer under this beautiful glass dome and were given our menus to peruse whilst we chatted away. It was my first afternoon tea post-lockdown so I was desperate to make the most of the experience and drink it all in. We chose the vegetarian afternoon tea with no alcohol in our food and of course, they were happy to accomodate our dietary requirements.

We chose our teas. I had The Lanesborough’s signature Afternoon Tea, a delicious black tea with strong fruity and floral notes. I also couldn’t resist trying the Scene Stealer cocktail, well mocktail, because it was so striking to look at. The mocktail was topped with apricot flavoured foam which oddly arrived warm, and surrounded by dry ice. It looked incredible and so theatrical when it arrived on the table.

The afternoon tea was aptly coloured in Cruella’s colours, black and red with red splatters of icing on the desserts. The sandwiches were a mixture of traditional and non-traditional flavours: Egg cress & mayonnaise, mint yoghurt and cucumber, avocado and pepper. It was also accompanied by a spinach and cheese tart which literally melted inside the mouth. We ate through the sandwiches because we were so hungry, but I can assure you that they were delicious.

Next up, the scones. You don’t get how delicious and buttery these scones were. Chocolate chip and cranberry scones were warm to touch and came with clotted cream and fresh strawberry jam. I can taste them in my mouth, they were literally that good.

Last up were the desserts and literal works of art. I started with the Rebel Heart, an intense black heart which when cut open was filled with white chocolate feuilletine base, yoghurt raspberry mousse and liquid hibiscus centre. It was tangy, soft and so creamy. Next, I had Totally Unexpected, a red choux bun filled with a banana and pecan creme and topped with a white chocolate hat. Sumptuous. Next was Fashion Makes Art Makes Fashion, a black and red chocolate and raspberry Battenberg cake with cranberry jam. There was also Anarchy Reigns, a millionaire shortbread covered in chocolate and presented on a mini art easel. I had this the day after the afternoon tea and it was so yummy, delicious crumbly shortbread covered in chocolate, the perfect combination.

It was honestly the loveliest themed afternoon teas I have taken part in, in a long time. Not only did every single item look like a piece of art but they had also taken the time to ensure everything tastes just as good too.

The ‘It’s a little bit Mad’ afternoon tea presented by Celeste is available at The Lanesborough till 4th August 2021 and is priced at £55 each, or with champagne at £74 each or with the cocktail at £72 per person.

For more information see about the afternoon tea see here.

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