Sunday Brunch at Covent Garden Grind Review

Sundays are made for brunches and why not start by visiting the Covent Garden branch of Grind.

Located in the back streets of Covent Garden, Grind isn’t instantly noticeable and very easy to miss if it wasn’t for the neon lighted quotes that are characteristic of every restaurant. We were seated immediately invited to make our choices for drinks and our brunch worthy food. I chose the hot chocolate and the sweet potato hash browns with scrambled eggs.

This was where the strangeness of the service began. We got our hot chocolates fine but for some reason the waitress combined our orders to make one dish on a plate. After we pointed out the issue, they did cover my bill but it was allĀ  a bit strange. The food was delicious but my eggs were not scrambled very well but after waiting over half and hour for my food, I was too far gone to care about whether my food was made incorrectly. It is a shame as I have visited the Grind in London Bridge and had a great experience.

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