Visit to Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount


If there is one place in the world that i love, i adore Cornwall. As much as i love travelling abroad, there is nothing like holidaying in the UK. There is something about the fact that the landscapes and the beautiful coastline is British. I still remember the first time i visited Cornwall, i literally thought that it was a piece of heaven. This time i stayed in St Austell which was in close proximity to St Michael’s Mount, which is essentially a castle on an island off the Cornish coast. The island is a small tidal island near Marazion based in the Mount’s bay and is a civil parish linked to the town of Marazion by a man made causeway made out of granite rocks. The castle and the chapel have been the home of the St Aubyn family since 1650 and the island now has 35 residents, all of whom look after the castle and its grounds.


We arrived at the coast to take the riverboat the island. It is priced at £3 single and it is a cash only on the boat so you must be aware of that. The journey takes around 15 minutes and once you reach the island, there is a fair bit of walking and you have to be able to climb the rocks to get to the top of the castle. It was tiring, even for someone like me! We were met by a guide when we reached the island, who showed us around and was incredibly friendly. We visited the gardens on the outside of the castle first, which were windy but beautiful. All the different flowers and plants which are carefully placed with great love on the island by the team of gardeners who live on the island.


We visited the castle next and it was such a lovely place to see. There isn’t much in the castle about the history of the island which is a shame, but it is a great place to visit, if only for the simply stunning views of the sea and the Cornish coasts. We had a great time visiting St Michael’s Mount and it is one to do if you are visiting Cornwall. Once the tide had gone out, we walked back to the mainland and that was a great experience in itself. I loved the whole experience and would definitely love to go again.

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