Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector Review

Clinique’s Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector promises to brighten the dark eye circles and refresh tired looking eyes. 

Clinique’s Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector was actually not a product I had come across until I went to a Clinique counter a month ago. I went along moaning about my dark eye circles which was being made worse by the fact that I was going through a spate of sleepless nights. My eyes were dark under the eyes and puffy and even though I was drinking litres and litres of water, it was making no difference to my skin. I was quickly recommended the Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector and was told it would last a month. Disclaimer, I was not expecting miracles but some difference would make a huge change for me as I was bordering on panda eyes by this point, without concealer. 

So the tube is rather small as eye creams go and comes with a metal tip. I assume that you are meant to apply it with the tip but honestly it was huge and too big for my under eyes so I found my finger a much better tool. The liquid was yellow and slightly thicker than moisturiser but was quickly absorbed by my skin. I tapped it in under my eyes, morning and evening. It wasn’t greasy so worked perfectly under my makeup too. 

So the image on the left was before the use of the Dark Circle Corrector and the image on the right was a month later. The main difference I saw was the texture of the skin under my eyes improved. It wasn’t as thin as it had been feeling previously. In terms of the dark eye circles, I honestly didn’t see much of a real difference. They are still the same and got worse as the month went on, to the point where I am using thick moisturiser under my eyes at night to help it rehydrate and that is making a real change. It worked nicely under makeup but it doesn’t really live up to what it claimed.

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