Cinderella Afternoon Tea in London

Let’s face it, there is a part of every girl who wants to be feel like Cinderella. To be whisked away in a golden carriage to a magical ball and meet her Prince. So I am getting a little bit carried away but when I saw that The Tea Terrace at the House of Fraser included afternoon tea in a Cinderella carriage, I had to go and experience it.

I went to the House of Fraser in Victoria where the Cinderella carriage sat in the middle of the restaurant. I felt incredibly royal as I took my seat and waited for my afternoon tea to arrive. The restaurant was largely empty so we could admire the range of crockery and quirky teapots on display on the walls and shelves around us. The decor is of all little girl’s dreams, lots of baby blue and pink with quotes from famous women on the walls painted around us.

After a bit of confusion about what a vegetarian afternoon tea was, I was finally given the right range of sandwiches. Mine mainly consisted of plain cheese and cheese and cucumber whilst my husband had salmon and tuna and sweetcorn. The scones were pleasant enough to eat but the real stars of the tea was the clotted cream and strawberry jam. The desserts were saccharine sweet and consisted of cakes slices of various flavours. The thing I really loved was the fact the tea was served in bone china which is available to purchase in their homeware department which I thought was a nice touch.

Sadly as this tea was not part of a real life fairytale, the tea was not all perfect. The carriage itself from the inside, though decorative, was not very practical and we soon found ourselves dropping cutlery and nearly the crockery all over the place even though it was just the two of us. The waitress didn’t have many customers yet our tea took a while to arrive and she found it incredibly hard to comprehend the fact that I needed a vegetarian afternoon tea even though it was on my booking. The sandwiches were dry and honestly not very well made. The service ruined the tea for me and honestly, afternoon teas done well do require the best of service.

Did I feel like Cinderella for the day? Kind of, I loved sitting in the carriage but the food really let my experience down. I expected a lot more from the tea than I actually received.

For more information about The Tea Terrace, see here.

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