Chocolate Show at Olympia London // National Chocolate Week

The Chocolate Show comes to London every year and I had to go along and try out all the different types of chocolate under one roof.

Chocolate has to be the one thing I love to talk about and eat so when the Chocolate Show came to London, I had to attend. Not that I need an excuse to eat lots of chocolate but the show provided plenty of opportunities to sample the stuff, all whilst meeting the countless chocolatiers visiting the show.

Over 100 chocolatiers, pastry makers and chocolate manufacturers were in attendance to show off their wares. There were chocolate making and pastry making masterclasses on the main stage by famous chocolatiers including Paul A Young. There were also lots of chocolate art on show with some of the world’s most famous art on display make out of chocolate and a chocolate fashion show.

I had a great time tasting lots of chocolate and talking to lots of chocolatiers about their passion. I tasted some of the best chocolate brownies, chocolate slabs and delicious dark chocolate by some of the most famous brands.

For more information about the Chocolate Show see here.

Sanoobar x

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