Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Heroes

Charlotte Tilbury is the Hollywood favourite for make up and it is meant to be classy and elegant all at the same time. Check out of my review.

Charlotte Tilbury is make up queen in the UK. There isn’t a famous face in the UK that her hands have not touched and she is a self taught make up genius. Her ethos is all about priming and prepping skin before making make up your magic tool of choice.

I discovered Charlotte Tilbury almost by accident when I was desperate to get out of the rain in Covent Garden and I literally walked in swooned once I saw all the rose gold packaged beauty products in front of me. The first thing I bought was the Bronze and Glow palette, partly because of the 1920s inspired packaging and partly because I wanted to see what the hype was about. I instantly fell in love with the bronzer, it added a glow to my skin like no other product had and really made my foundation stand out.

I tried out the Charlotte Tilbury foundation next but honestly did not like it one bit. The next thing I fell for was the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Palette in ‘The Dolce Vita‘. Though all the shades were shimmery, they added an instant sparkle to my looks and even now, when I apply some matte eye shadows and think they look a bit flat, I instantly reach for this palette to bring some life to my look.

The one product that I always return to when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury are the lipsticks. They are the hero product of her whole collection. The pigmentation on them in insane – they are rich, hydrating and look oh so good when you wear them. My most recent shade is the Charlotte Tilbury Secret Salma lipstick, a beautiful deep rose plum matte lipstick and it looks amazing. I love how smoothly the lipsticks glide on and they really don’t need to be topped up as even when they fade throughout the day, the colour still stays singed onto my lips.

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