Charles Worthington Salon at Home Range

I have the most ridiculous hair ever. During the summer, i have the most greasiest hair on this planet and then during the winter, the ends of my hair are so dry and i get so many split ends. One of my favourite bloggers, FleurDeForce ( recommended this range in one of her vlogs and i bought it and i am totally hooked. The Intense Rescue Melting Balm (above) is a great treatment and it only needs to be in your hair for 20 minutes. You literally scoop some out, warm it between your fingers and it turns into hair oil which you can just rub into the ends of your hair before washing.

The Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer is brilliant in between washes, you just rub it into the ends of your hair and it nourishes your split ends and smells fantastic.
I am not a big advocate of putting chemicals into my hair but these really help re-energise the ends of my hair in the cold winter months. 

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