Cereal for lunch at Cereal Killer Cafe


Now if someone had told me that i would be having cereal for lunch a year ago, i would have told them they were mad. However that is what i found myself doing on a weekday afternoon after a meeting. As i was walking through Brick Lane in London, i found myself drawn to the Cereal Killer Cafe. I had heard quite a lot about it before but had always disregarded it as a quirky pop up place which would never last, gosh i was wrong.


Cereal Killer Cafe is the brainchild of Belfast-born twins Alan and Gary Keery who came across the idea of having a cafe which solely sold cereal throughout the day. It opens from 7am – 10pm and serves over 120 cereals from the UK and the United States. You are then asked to customise it with a choice of 13 different milks and 20 different toppings. A small bowl will be £2.50, Medium bowl where you can have two more cereals mixed £3 and £3.50 for a large bowl. This also includes your milk however additional toppings are 50p each and milk 20p each.



I wasn’t altogether sure about what to expect so i ordered a small Cocoa Pebbles cereal with hazelnut milk and strawberries on top. The cereal and topping came in a bowl with a bottle of milk alongside for you to drizzle on to your content. I have to tell you that it was simply delicious, some of the chocolatiest cereal i have ever tasted with the nutiness of the milk and the refreshing strawberries complementing it perfectly. I enjoyed every single bite.


You don’t just have to get cereal in the cafe, it also offers pop tarts in various flavours, cereal cocktails, brownies, cakes and even stacked hot drinks. The atmosphere inside the cafe is very much cereal themed with boxes lining the walls and cereal giveaway memorabilia scattered all over the cafe. You are made to feel welcome the moment you walk in and it is all a bit of fun at the end of the day.

Cereal Killer Cafe, 139 Brick Lane, E1 6SB.

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