Brunch at Duck and Waffle


I have always been a little intrigued by this concept of brunch, it is neither breakfast nor lunch but brunch. It is designed to be consumed between the two meals of the day and it is a luxury.This is part of the reason why i was so excited to try out Duck and Waffle in Liverpool Street. It has been touted to be the highest restaurant in London, based on the 40th floor of Heron Tower and it promised some amazing views. We went on a rather dull February afternoon and it was incredibly cloudy too.

I had to make reservations a few weeks in advance to ensure that we were given the best seats in the house. The moment you arrive at the tower, you are transported up to the 40th floor in a transparent lift so it does feel as though you are on a fairground ride as you do go up rather quickly. When you arrive on the floor, you are met with a maze of corridors, all decorated with blue and white tiles but as soon you turn a corner, you see the most magnificent views of London with an open bar in the middle and a waiting area.


We were a little early for our reservations so were offered drinks while we waited. We really didn’t mind though as the views from up there were amazing and despite the grey day, they proved to be a great photo opp. We were eventually guided to our table in essentially a glass enclosed section of the Duck and Waffle with a window table. It was incredibly impressive to be sat so high above London and to have breakfast like a king. There were lots of families there on the Saturday morning as well as girls having a morning catch up, a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere.


I ordered two organic eggs scrambled whilst my better half ordered the columbian eggs with salmon and an assortment of  oysters (menu). We also had fresh orange juice to accompany our breakfast along with an assortment of jam which came complimentary with our breakfast, sorry brunch! The food was beautifully presented and it tasted amazing too. My eggs were perfectly made and not too heavy on the butter either.

The place is on the costly side, our brunch came up to around £80 for both of us but it was for a special occasion so i really didn’t mind at all. It is a nice way to start to day out and on a nice day in London (you hope!), the views can be second to none. I highly recommend this place for an early morning brunch stop, i will definitely try it again.

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