Breakfast at La Goccia, Petersham Nurseries

The Petersham Nurseries have a cult status among bloggers with their ornate and rustic décor and beautifully positioned garden furniture.


Petersham Nurseries is no typical garden nursery. It has luxury at the tip of every leaf and you walk into the nursery and get transported into a dream world. Every surface of the store is covered with plants, garden ornaments or rustic glass vases ready for visitors to admire and even purchase. The ceilings have grand crystal chandeliers and the back of store is a flower shop.

I have loved Petersham Nurseries for a long while and honestly wish I could decorate my whole home in their style. A few months ago, they opened up their own deli and restaurant and I have been so desperate to go in and eat. However it is always incredibly busy so I never get to eat there.

However on one sunny Saturday morning, I managed to get a table at La Goccia, the restaurant part of Petersham Nurseries. The first thing that struck me was how well decorated the restaurant was with powder rose pink walls, green furniture and huge leaf canvases. We were offered the breakfast menu, which had a wide range of luxurious breakfast items on offer. There were not many vegetarian items on the menu so I opted for the scrambled eggs with a rich mayonnaise sauce and fresh watercress. They usually do make it with poached egg but I requested it with scrambled egg. I also had the Petersham Nurseries Summer Tea, which was a fresh, flowery light tea and was so delicious. I enjoyed the whole breakfast experience at La Goccia and would love to go back and try out their full dinner menu. It had a lovely atmosphere and the service was friendly and fast.

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