Book event: Lauren Weisberger – author of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

Lauren Weisberger talks about how she doesn’t regret her time working at Vogue which inspired her now famous book ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

I still remember the first time I read Lauren Weisberger’s book ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. I was instantly enthralled by the characters and so desperately wanted to become a part of the fashion world. As part of the Hearst Big Book Festival, I was given the opportunity to be part of the audience at Weisberger’s new book launch ‘The Wives’.  The book picks up 10 years after the first book, where Emily Charlton has cut her teeth being Miranda Priestly’s assistant and has now moved to the suburbs working as an image consultant.

On Weisberger new book ‘The Wives’

Talking about how much Emily has grown up in ‘The Wives’, Weisberger said: “I wasn’t sure Emily was capable of friendship. I like the fact that she is loyal and protective of her friends. So much of this book is based around three strong women and their friendship.” When questioned about whether she would ever revisit Miranda’s character, Weisberger was keen to stress that Miranda is incapable of change. She said: “Psychologically I don’t think I could handle a novel all about Miranda. She makes a brief appearance in ‘The Wives’ but she is still the same.”

Writing lessons from Lauren Weisberger

The lessons that Weisberger learn whilst writing the books were hard learnt, having had her first release as a runaway success at the age of 20. She said: “The writing has grown up with me. I like writing this ensemble cast, moving between the three characters and seeing the story from three different view points. I wrote the book chapter by chapter, not by character. When I’m writing, I don’t look back. I become so self critical. Some writers read the things they wrote the day before and make adjustments. I would never write anything if I read back. I write the first draft as a whole.”

Weisberger’s advice for new writers

Her advice for new writers was to carve out time to start writing. Weisberger said: “We all have busy lives so to carve out time for yourself is important. You don’t make excuses. We make time for what we want to do. Giving yourself permission to give yourself time to write.”

Weisberger wants to try out new writing genres

Being a mother to a seven year old, Weisberger said she is keen to try out new genres of writing. She said: “I would love to try young adult. I have a seven year old daughter and she is a voracious reader. It is incredible to read books like Judy Blume with my daughter and it takes me back to when I read her books.”

It was lovely meet Lauren Weisberger and she is genuinely lovely in person. I can’t wait to read her new book ‘The Wives’ and continue my journey into her world.

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