Bollywood Brunch in London review

Brunch has to be one of my favourite meals of the week. I love the idea of having this in between meal and indulging in mocktails whilst eating them. Bollywood is one of my life passions so when I heard that it was combined with one of my favourite meals in the world brunch, I had to go and check it out. Based near Hoxton, the venue was just off the canal which I thought was quite fitting considering I was there to enjoy a dance off in the presence of delicious food.

We were seated and left to take in the atmosphere in the music. It was almost an hour in from the actual starting time that we had food so I would advise that you don’t go with an empty stomach. We were happy to just chat and catch up. The starter was a mix of pani puri (savoury pastry with chickpeas, onions and sour sauce) and bhel puri (mix of indian savoury snacks with peanuts and the same aforementioned sour sauce). It wasn’t as fresh it could have been but it was well presented and great snack to get our stomachs ready for the mains.

Live entertainment came with two Bollywood dancers who partied it out to some of the industry’s most peppy fun tracks. We enjoyed watching them whilst the main course was served. I had the vegetarian version of it and it was almost a vegetable curry with poached egg in a toasted bun. It was delicious but not really worthy of being called a main course. The alternative was a mince meat version of the curry,

Live music continued with singer Nikhil D’Souza who sang some romantic Bollywood tracks as we ate our food and chatted away.

Dessert was served in the form of a gulab jaman with ice cream which was pleasant enough to finish off the meal. There was a henna artist to keep guests entertained and then came the finale. It can be best described as a dance/sing off between all the attendees of the brunch.

I found the brunch to be an entertaining occasion, bringing in mostly girls who had a love for Bollywood. Considering the price tag, I did expect there would more for attendees to do. It was nice for us to catch up but they could have developed the Bollywood theme more with a photo booth or themed games to try and keep people engaged in their activities. I enjoyed the food but it did feel as though the organisers had missed a trick by not including snacks and again, themed drinks etc.

For more information about The Bollywood Brunch see here.

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