Bluebird Chelsea Afternoon Tea with Crosstown Doughnuts review

This year, Bluebird Chelsea are collaborating with Crosstown Doughnuts in celebration of the Chelsea Flower Show. I went along to try out the tea and see if it was blooming good!

When I first spotted that the Bluebird Chelsea were going to be working in partnership with Crosstown Doughnuts, I jumped at the chance to go and try it out. Crosstown Doughnuts – if you don’t know and if not, go and try them stat!- make the most delicious vegan doughnuts made out of sourdough. They are so yum so I really wanted to try out this afternoon tea and see if it lived up to my expectations.

I arrived on a late Wednesday afternoon and the place was actually empty where the afternoon tea was being served. I was shown inside and then my usual dietary requirements were check before I was served my afternoon tea and my choice of tea, my trusty Jasmine green tea. My tea was delicious and just what I needed after wandering down Kings Road fighting the Chelsea Flower Show crowds.

The sandwiches were freshly made, I had the vegetarian ones as per usual. They were all served made out white bread and fillings were a mixture of cream cheese and cucumber, peppers and cheese and egg mayonnaise. I expected a bit more variety in the bread and fillings but I was so hungry that I got through them quickly.

The scones were HUGE, too big for an afternoon tea. They were warm on the plate, plus points and the clotted cream and jam seemed fresh. Only issue with the scones was that they were too crumbly. I ended up covered in it, just spreading the jam and cream on, that was before I had even eaten them.

The real stars of this tea were the desserts. You only get one mini crosstown doughnut, mine was a strawberry iced orange blossom flavour. It was also accompanied by a strawberry macaroon, a caramel mocha choux pastry bun, a rose shaped red velvet cupcake and a dark chocolate mousse flowerpot.

I think the collaboration was a good idea, we need more vegan afternoon teas where the desserts have been well thought through. I wanted to see more touches from the Crosstown team to incorporate the theme of the Chelsea Flower Show. It instead seemed to feel a bit thrown together.

The afternoon tea is only available this week and you can book it here.

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Sanoobar x

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