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Last night I went to the Blogosphere Blog Awards 2017, the very first awards night for all bloggers hosted by Blogosphere Magazine. For those of you who don’t know it, Blogosphere Magazine is a revolutionary first of its kind magazine that celebrates bloggers and the work that they do; becoming entrepreneurs and making their own mark creatively using their blogs as their voice on the internet. Now that was a long explanation of a magazine! I came across Blogosphere when I was first decided to become more serious about my blog and the community I gained access to through them has really helped me come out of my shell and become more confident about putting a part of my personality online.

On a very sweaty and hot summer’s evening, I headed off to the IRIS studios in West London to party with my fellow blogger girls Vix from Vix Loves Weddings and Jess from The Wildflower and celebrate the blogging world. When these awards were announced, I thought that they would be yet another blogger awards that celebrated those who had a million followers and were basically being awarded for their popularity. However when I saw the nominations, I was floored by the fact that the nominees were all bloggers who all didn’t have huge followings but genuine quality content so I knew that the Blogosphere had got the formula right.

We were met by a red carpet lit with fires which made us feel like Hollywood celebrities and at the end of the carpet was a flower wall, a must for any blogger event. We took loads (I mean a few) photos against the wall before we walked into the main space for the awards. There were cold drinks on hand and canapes being circulated before we were asked to take our sets on white cloth lined benches for our food. Stylish and delicious canapes were served to us, preparing us for the awards ceremony.

Before we knew it, the awards had begun, hosted by the lovely editor of Blogosphere Magazine Alice Audley in a gorgeous blue gown. Here are the winners:

Fashion Blogger of the Year: Sophie Milner aka Fashion Slave

Beauty Blog of the Year: The Sunday Girl

Lifestyle Blog of the Year: Hannah Rainey aka Little Thoughts

Fitness Blog of the Year: Cat Meffan from Imperfect Matter

Arts and Crafts Blog of the Year: Geneva from A Pair and a Spare

Book Blog of the Year: Rhianne from Lil Novelist

Photographer Blog of the Year: Kyle Gavin

Food Blog of the Year: Holly from Blog of Vegan

Travel Blog of the Year: Twins that Travel

Community Blogger of the Year: Just Nadiene

Blogosphere Blogger Of The Year 2017: Hannah Gale

The atmosphere at the event was fantastic and everyone was cheering each other on and motivating them. I had a great time and a HUGE congratulations to the very well deserving winners! I can’t wait to see the September cover with the beautiful Hannah Gale gracing it.

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