#Blogmas Day 7: How to survive a work xmas party


Let’s all take a moment to just stare at my dessert from last night. Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce. So worth every single bite.

Anyway, back to the usual programme. It is that time of year where we are all feeling obliged to get into the Christmas spirit of the season and attend lots of Christmas parties. Now if you are like me then you love Christmas and the joy it brings, however there are lots of people out there who are real Scrooges and cannot stand the idea of getting involved. The dreaded work Christmas party is the one that most people dread. It is forced fun. You have to attend because two thirds of your office/workplace are attending and it is bad enough that you have to make small talk around the office kitchen but now you are going to have to talk to them over a couple of hours and pretend you like them. Deep breath. So i thought i should come up with a quick survival guide for surviving a work xmas party.

1) Have A person

Please note i stress the word A. Don’t rely on a group to get you out of the party, too many variables. Have your Christina Yang, a person who you can rely on to understand your subtle eye signals and expressions to get you out of awkward conversations and scenes at the party and also be the one to get you out of the party when you have both had enough.

2) Dress appropriately

I know it is Christmas and it is a party but still dress like it is a work do. Your work Christmas party is not an opportunity to break out the skimpiest of dresses and strut around like you are the Queen of the party. Your bosses/managers will be there so tone it down, keep it work appropriate and make sure your conversation is remembered, not the fact that you fell out of our dress at an inopportune moment.

3) Make sure you eat and then drink

From all the work do’s i have been to, i always remember the awful drunks that my colleagues revealed themselves to be. It is free food and free booze but don’t overindulge to the point where you are being sick or worse, making a fool out of yourself. Save some dignity for the morning after.

4) Stop talking shop

I think talking about work at a work Christmas party is probably THE hardest thing do. It is the only thing you all have in common but don’t turn into the office gossip either and start telling the world what you know about your colleagues and who made a mess of what and when. Small talk is a talent but try and come across as a human being who has interests, even if it means you ask everyone in the room the same question about what they are doing at Christmas. LISTEN. Do not be that person who just talks about themselves either and dominates the conversation, let other people speak too.

5) Enjoy it

Don’t forget that there are lots of people in the room who feel EXACTLY the way you do. Awkward, scared, worried, anxious – it is normal to feel all those things. It is an unusual situation but try and enjoy seeing your colleagues in another context and try and have fun.

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