#Blogmas Day 23: Happy Christmas Eve Eve // Christmas in London


I do love Christmas in London. I don’t think i would want to be anywhere but London when the festive season hits. I love the fact that every inch of the city is transformed into a Christmas festive scene and i like to just wander through the back streets discovering the decorations and enjoying the beauty of it all. I went to dinner in Soho yesterday and just wandered through the streets afterwards discovering the different arcades and seeing how beautifully they were decorated. One of my favourite decorations this year have to be the Cartier Store on Old Bond Street which literally looks like one big Christmas present.


Burlington Arcade

Old Bond Street20161221_184242

Tiffany store in Old Bond Street


Royal Arcade

Cartier Store20161221_185157


I also loved seeing this little guy in the Louis Vuitton store on Old Bond Street

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