#Blogmas Day 17: Quick life update


Huge apologies to everyone who has been following my Blogmas posts this month, i really have been so busy with work and Christmas festivities that i have managed to keep you all updated with my day to day activities. I know i should have scheduled a few but honestly i have not had any time. So what i have been up to. I have been to TWO Christmas parties on Thursday, one at work and then another with work friends. I just feel work Christmas parties are rather awkward affairs and who wants to get merry with people you have to see everyday in the New Year so i always ensure that with my friends from work, i always d0 something different from the actual work prescribed do. I hope my long warbled explanation made sense there.


One of my friends is also getting married so i treated her to a night out last night. I ate at Kazan which is a Turkish restaurant in Victoria where i had THE most delicious hellimi kebab with bulgar wheat. The service and restaurant atmosphere was brilliant, such a nice dinner.



We then headed to see Wicked at the theatre. I love nights out at the theatre, the amount of work and dedication which goes into putting on these fantastic productions is admirable. Wicked was brilliant, i really enjoyed every moment and would watch it again in a heartbeat.

Today, i am having a lazy Saturday morning before i go off to see Star Wars Rogue One. I cannot wait to see it and report back tomorrow.

Let me know whether you liked this style of post, a new one for me but if you like it then let me know and i will try and do more of them.

Sanoobar x

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