#Blogmas Day 10: Visiting #DolcebyFerreroRocher Chocolate Dining Experience in London


I am a HUGE chocolate lover and when i heard that Ferrero Rocher were putting on a pop up shop for Christmas i had to get tickets and try it out. I was one of the very lucky few who managed to get tickets to the experience at St Martin’s Courtyard in Covent Garden. When we arrived, there was a queue outside of people who wanted a walk in table so i was grateful for my tickets. Upon arrival we were greeted at the door and given a Ferrero Rocher before being led to our table.


I became a little obsessed with this Ferrero Rocher wall, come on, it is COVERED in one of my favourite chocolates and did look literally good enough to eat.


Ferrero Rocher have got their branding on point in this pop up shop. Every single surface was covered in brown or gold, the colours they are famous for. We sat down and were offered a glass of Prosecco or tea, i don’t drink so i opted for tea.


Then heaven arrived on a plate. We were advised to eat clockwise from the spoon as each chocolate yumminess on the plate was a homage to the Ferrero Rocher. The spoon had a whole hazelnut cocooned inside a chocolate filling, next was a chocolate cup filled with the gooiness of the Ferrero Rocher insides, next the most amazing wafer biscuit filled with chocolate, then a chocolate cup with hot chocolate poured over and next a sugar spinned candy covered with gold glitter to finish it off. It was simply delicious. The plate had been so carefully curated that you couldn’t feel sick and every single crafted to perfection.


I had a great time at the Ferrero Rocher experience and thought it was well the visit. I just love chocolate the experience was perfection. It is on till tomorrow if you want to try and get in. As a bonus, see below from some wonderful photos of St Martin’s Courtyard. I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give me a like or a follow if you did,

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