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I do love blog events, i always come out of them feeling inspired and wanting to do more with my blog. The Bloggers Festival was being held at the Conrad St James hotel and it was one of the best events i have been to. Bloggers travelled in from all over the UK and they were all desperate to network and learn more about how to better their blogs. There were many brands present too, eager to talk to bloggers and find out ways to work with them.


Jewellery Box UK is one brand which i really have been loving lately. Not only are they creating some fantastic accessories, they are also selling them at affordable prices. Jewellery has always been a big love of mine and i do like brands which make unique pieces which can make or break an outfit. At the Bloggers Festival, i also had the opportunity to take some professional photos for their website too. I am really excited to see them soon.


Go Send is one brand that i was so fascinated to hear about. If you have ever ordered anything from the United States, you will know that the shipping costs can sometimes be as much as the cost of the products. Go Send allows you to order what you want from the US sites and get them shipped to their warehouse. Once they get your items, they will send them to you at a reduced cost in the UK. I thought it was a fantastic concept and i can’t wait to use it in the future.


David Hampton is a luxury leather goods company which is family owned and creates the most beautiful products. When i picked up their bag at their stall at the Bloggers Festival, the quality of leather just felt so sumptuous and so incredibly soft too.


I am obsessive when it comes to face masks so i was excited to see these at the Bloggers Festival from My 7th Heaven. They are packaged in the most fun packaging and there are literally lots of different options covering lots of skin ailments. My 7th Heaven is a 30 year old brand which specialises in skin care and they have also started to do hair masks too.


Scarlett really did outdo herself at this event and there were so many brands present who were looking to form working relationships with bloggers. Beverly Hills Formula were showcasing whitening toothpastes including Gold and Black toothpastes which are meant to help with staining and yellowing of teeth. I have more info on the brands present in the video below:

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