Bloggers Ball 2016


Some of you may have seen #BloggersBall trending on Twitter yesterday and wondered what on earth that was. The Bloggers Ball was held at Dstrkt London and hosted by the rather amazing blogger Scarlett London. Scarlett is an amazing blogger who i have been following for quite a while now and i just love how natural and friendly her blog is. She comes across as a very sweet person and after meeting her, i completely agree. The Bloggers Ball afternoon was incredibly informal and from the moment i stepped through the door, i was put at ease by being around so many fantastic bloggers. It was an event aimed at getting bloggers in touch with brands and getting to talk about what they did in a space with people similar to themselves. I had such a great time and thought it was the perfect channel for bloggers to meet and just talk about their passion.

Trying out Fei Liu Fine Jewellery 

I spoke to Fei Lui about their amazing jewellery, it was all so pretty and so well made. I really liked that each piece came across to be unique and different and above you can see me posing with one of their rings.


Bravura London

I got talking to Bravura London, a skincare brand which specialise in products that combat problem skin. The lady very kindly gave me the solution with Glycolic Acid which is aimed at combatting acne so i will try that one out soon.


Seed and Bean chocolates

Seed and Bean are a company which specialise in 100% organic and ethical chocolate. I had the smallest taste of their orange and thyme flavour and fell in love. Even though it is dark chocolate, it was still creamy and rich. Such a treat!



I got talking to the lovely girl at Monin and learnt something incredibly interesting. So if you are like me and love a good Costa hot drink in the winter months, the syrups which create those delicious flavours are actually supplied by Monin. Their Black Forest Hot Chocolate is actually their blackberry syrup in hot chocolate. You know what that means, Black Forest Hot Chocolate for me all year round!


Bon Prix

Bon Prix are an affordable fashion brand and the girls they had representing them were so lovely. I had a browse through their fashion picks and i was struck by how good the quality of their clothes were. So much so that i ended up posing in their kimono in an insta frame.


WD, the people who make my hard drives were also present at the event and i literally fangirled over how amazing i think those things are. I have used them for years and never had any issues with them. Luckily i also won a competition with them and got a free 2TB hard drive, so so lucky!

My Jody Bell 

My Jody Bell are an exciting fashion brand which makes their clothes in Spain but just browsing through their rails, it struck me how wearable their clothes actually are. I dress quite conservatively so having dresses with cutouts is something that i would not wear. I found that all their clothes were so wearable and fashionable all at the same time.


TOAD Diaries

TOAD diaries i think are one of the most unique brands on the market. You can actually create a diary with them starting at any point in the year and you can completely personalise them to your choice. I thought that was a great concept and i can see it becoming hugely popular in the future.



I have been using Vatika hair oil now since i was so small so i am a big a fan of their products. I love the fact that their products are natural and they do definitely work. I got talking to this really lovely girl at their counter who spoke to me about using Black Seed in products to help keep the ends of my hair moisturised. I will be trying this out!


So…? Fragrances¬†

So…? is a teenage fragrance brand which i remember so so well from my teenage years. All the locker rooms after PE would smell like this and just spritzing them at the event, got me all nostalgic for those more innocent days. A great flashback from the past.


On the Beach

I had such a great time at the Bloggers Ball and i don’t think i will stop raving about it for a while. Please do check out my vlog below all about the ball and i have also done a bit of a haul to show you what i was gifted at the ball too.

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