Best activity ever for Mother’s Day with the Perfume Studio

Mother’s Day can be contentious ground. If you have a mum who has hobbies and you know exactly what she likes, then it can be rather easy. You can indulge in her activity of choice for mother’s day and that is the day covered. My mum is more on the difficult end of the scale. I know she loves to spend time with me but with the weather being the way it is in the UK, outdoor activities can be difficult to plan in March. That is why I was really excited when I received an email from Perfume Studio, inviting both of us to afternoon tea and making our own fragrance.

My mum is not a typical girly girl so make up and beauty is a big no no but the one thing she does love is fragrance but there is only so much perfume I can buy her. When I heard about Perfume Studio, I jumped at the chance to do something completely different. On a rainy Thursday evening, we headed to the Hilton Kensington in Shepherd’s Bush to try out the experience.

First up, we had our afternoon tea in the hotel bar. It was a rather odd experience having our afternoon tea whilst most people had their after work drinks. We had specific dietary needs, me being vegetarian and my mum needing halal food options but they were happy to cater for us. We were first offered our choice of tea, I had the Green tea whilst my mum the English Breakfast tea. Service was quick and before we know it, the afternoon tea had arrived. The first sign of a good tea are warm scones and these were nice and warm and ready to eat. The sandwiches were pretty standard with salmon and cheese, cheese ploughman’s and cheese and cucumber. They were not the best I have to say but the warm scones made up for it. I nibbled my way through the desserts and was sufficiently full enough and ready for the perfume class.

We were directed to the hotel suite that had the perfume class. We were greeted by Claudia and Somaya, two perfume stylists who greeted us and introduced us to the class. There were others there as well, girls on big birthday nights out and nights out with their mums too. Claudia first told us a bit about the Perfume Studio and its founder Francois Robert. He is a perfumer by heritage, making perfume for the likes of Dior and Gucci. Firstly we had to decide on what the name of our perfume would be and then told about the three notes for perfume. Base notes last on the skin for 12 to 24 hours, middle notes for five to six hours and top notes, one to two hours. We were told that we would be trying 21 different fragrance blends, all eau de parfum.

We proceeded to smelling base notes first. I discovered that I like woody, basalmic, musky and amber smells as my base notes. These apparently made free spirited, adventurous, warm and sexy. We were then told to smell the coffee beans in the centre of the table to reset our senses before moving onto the middle notes.

The middle notes that I liked were aldehydic, rose floral, heady floral, and tonic sport. These made me a classy individual, romantic and girly. Lastly we chose our top notes, I had herbal, transparent and citrus which were mainly lavendar, lemon, neroli and musky scents. Once we noted all our notes down, the perfume stylists got to work at making our own fragrance and honestly it was heaven in a bottle. It literally made my perfect scent and I love it.

Our final verdict, my mum had a great time and it was so much fun smelling our favourite smells and just sharing such a unique experience. If you want to do something different this Mother’s Day, definitely look into the Perfume Studio.

Check it out here.

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