April Favourites

As we head out of our third lockdown, here are my April favourites. See what I have been loving in fashion, beauty, food and all things TV and movies.

April has very much felt like a month of self-discovery again. Spring has finally sprung in London and just the promise of sunshine everyday has meant that I am making more of an effort. Whether this is getting ready every morning, or getting out and about ( in my local area), sunshine really helps me do that. I am also back to work so this has bought a whole new element to bouncing out of bed and combatting each day, whilst juggling my new demands of motherhood.


I have rediscovered my wardrobe this month. After slowly getting back to my size pre-baby, parts of my wardrobe are finally fitting me and it feels so good. I am not completely back to my size but majority of things are starting to feel comfortable to wear again. I have been using the excuse of zoom meetings to put some make up on each day and actually choose something from my wardrobe to wear each day. Dresses are coming back into my daily wear and I am really enjoying wearing them again. Whether paired with thermals for those cooler days to being worn with a jacket to ward off the chill, I love how dressed up they make me feel and I instantly feel ready to take on the day. Some of my new favourites are from New Look, in particular this gingham dress and this Ganni style dress. I am looking forward to wearing these going into the summer months too.


Let’s face it, make up has taken a huge back step for all of us. Gone are the days when we used to get up each morning, sacrifice breakfast time to get the face on or desperately dig around in our handbags for mascara. As we head out of this lockdown, I am starting to question what beauty really means to me. I don’t wear my full face of make up than I used to but at the same time, I am making more an effort. I am rediscovering foundation again and my current favourite is the Dior Forever Foundation, it is hydrating and goes on so smoothly. Even if I don’t wear foundation, I am still making an effort with my eyes and my favourites have to be the NYX Epic Ink liner in black and mascara has to be the Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High mascara. It became the firm favourite over this last lockdown after it trended on TikTok and my gosh, it is worth the hype. It applies beautifully and volumises my lashes to high heaven.


This month has been Ramadan so as the rest of the UK heads out of lockdown, we have been fasting and eating most of our meals at home like we always have done. I have been making a real effort to eat healthily each day and ensure that I am getting the best of the fruit and vegetables into my diet. I have been loving smoothies made out of bananas, dates, spinach, all the berries and oat milk. It is refreshing yet filling and perfect to set me up for the next day of fasting. I have also been making ALOT of quiches. They are the perfect way to finish up any leftover vegetables and I love using the cheat, layering it on top of readymade puff pastry.

TV and Movies

I have been watching my usual ridiculous amounts of TV and movies. TV wise, I have been obsessed with the Line of Duty. Unless you have been living under a rock, it has been going the last 9 years now and the mystery of H has plagued all of us. The series promises to have a dramatic ending and I can’t wait to watch the finale. On Netflix, I have finished Ajeeb Dastaans, a compilation of short stories about women living in Indian society. It is a very compelling watch. I have also been doing down nostalgia lane and rewatching The OC and Buffy The Vampire Slayer and reliving my teen days. They are such good shows and honestly I love them just as much now, as much as I did then.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it is a little different but it feels good to just remind myself of what is good this month. Let me know below what you have been loving this month.

Sanoobar x

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