Aladdin theatre review

Aladdin is magic on stage at the Prince Edward Theatre in London, with a larger than life genie who steals the show with magic and fantastic dance moves.

Aladdin is classic Disney movie, filled with magical wonder and when it came London in the West End, I had to go and watch it. With a beautiful score by Alan Menken and set designer Bob Crowley, Aladdin had a lot to live up to, and I was curious to see how they would bring the magical land of Agrabah to life in a theatre production.

When penniless thief Aladdin (Matthew Croke) falls in love with Princess Jasmine (Jade Ewen), the odds are stacked against him and he is desperate to win her heart. However, first he has to combat her father and his ‘trusted’ advisor Jafar who has his nefarious plans.

With the animated version of Aladdin being a firm favourite with most of the audience, it is no mean feat to try and live up to their memories. At the heart of the show is the script, it is written with cheesy one liners, full of humorous food related jokes and some really touching romantic movies. The real heart of this show is the Genie (Michael James Scott), he is larger than life and honestly brings every scene he is to life. He plays off the other characters so well and has real pizazz in all the musical numbers.

The set designers are the real stars of the show, whether it is Aladdin’s chase scenes through the streets of Agrabah or the magic carpet scene, they are really well done. You are drawn into the world of Aladdin and that is key, especially in a play like this.

If you are a fan of Aladdin, you have to check out this on stage. It is a gem of a production and well worth all the money!

Tickets are available here.

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