Aladdin Afternoon Tea at Cutter and Squidge

I love a good themed afternoon tea so when I heard that Cutter and Squidge were going to be holding an Aladdin inspired afternoon tea at their cafe, I got a reservation stat to ensure that I didn’t miss out. Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney films and I really didn’t know what to expect from the tea. I had seen a preview of the tea and it is officially called ‘Genie’s Cave Afternoon Tea’. We arrive early and were told to wait whilst our table was ready downstairs, the whole tea is set up in the basement of the cafe. We were led downstairs and we literally gasped when we saw the entrance. The doorway was decorated as Aladdin’s cave with gold coins and jewels embedded all over, it really felt as though we had left London and entered the Arabian world.

We were asked to select our teas from a gold framed menu. I thought I would be adventurous and try out one of their Passion Fruit limited edition teas. It arrived in this beautiful gold Arabian inspired teapot and as I poured it, the smell hit me. I have to admit that I didn’t like it much as it is an acquired taste. I immediately swapped it over for a green tea, better to be safe!

The tea started with a genie’s welcome which was a raspberry, pomegranate, pashmak and meringue in a genie’s bottle. It was honestly delicious. We stabbed through the meringue to get through to the layers at the bottom and they were so yum. I could have easily had five of these!!

The sandwiches arrived on a separate gold platter to the actual desserts which were on a gold cake tier. I had the vegetarian tea and my sandwiches consisted of cream cheese, cucumber and mint and tomato jam and cheese. The non-vegetarian tea includes coronation chicken sandwiches too. In addition, there were desert rose tarts which were essentially pastry shells filled with thinly sliced roast vegetables in cheese.

We were told to start from bottom up on the cake tiers. On the bottom tier were savoury scone swirls which were filled with roast peppers and feta cheese. It was really yummy with the creme cheese and bbq sauce  in accompaniment. There were also golden cheese clouds which were savoury cheese bites. I didn’t love these but Jess loved them.

Cutter and Squidge really have gone all out with the Aladdin feel and it helped that a musical version of the film’s soundtrack was playing in the background. Back to the tea, the next layer was definitely sweet. The first thing I had were the Magic Carpet Cookies which literally gave me a religious experience with a biscuit. It was THE most yummy sugar cookie and I could do with a box of these for Christmas. Next I had the rose tarts which were tasty, followed by the hidden gem macaroon which had the cutest genie’s lamp imprinted on either side.

By this point in the tea, I was struggling to eat so much food! The final layer on top was a vanilla sponge cake topped with a strawberry jelly ruby. It was soft and moist, perfect cake portion. The final thing I had was the treasure biscuit which had a chocolate filled pearl and glazed with 24 carat gold.

I was so full with tea and cake by the end of the tea. My absolute favourites from the tea have to be the magic carpet cookies and the genie’s welcome dessert. I could do with both of those being on immediate order.

The whole Aladdin’s afternoon tea was a great experience, some really yummy food and it was completely different from the usual afternoon teas I am used to. If you are a Disney fan and love Aladdin, you will love this. It is a real joy to eat tea and cake in the Genie’s Cave.

For more information on the tea see here.

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    Super cute place I love it. Going to check it out. Thanks for the review.

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