Afternoon Tea at The Tower Hotel, London

Tower Bridge has to be one of my favourite tourist attractions in London. There is something about the sight of that bridge that reminds me that I am safe and I am home. When the opportunity arose to go to the afternoon tea at The Tower Hotel today, I was so excited. The hotel promised views of the bridge whilst I had my tea which couldn’t have been a more perfect combination for me.

We were given a table with a full view of Tower Bridge which I was pleased about. I ordered my usual afternoon tea and settled down to enjoy the view as I caught up with my friends. The tea bags came in a pyramid shape which got my curious. I placed the bag in the middle of the cup and poured hot water about it. I don’t like my tea too strong so I managed to use the teabag a couple of times over which I thought was a great novelty to the tea.

I went for my usual vegetarian afternoon tea at the Tower Hotel. The sandwiches were mainly made up of roasted vegetables, hummus and egg which suited me fine. They were delicious and we could receive as many refills as we wanted so it was a nice touch. Desserts consisted of mousse, buttercream icing cupcakes and macaroons. The scones were delicious too, warm and perfect with the jam and clotted cream.

I really enjoyed my afternoon tea at The Tower Hotel. The view of Tower Bridge was an added perfect touch and I really liked watching the world go by with my cup of green tea in hand.

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