Afternoon Tea at The Strand Palace Hotel

London is a strange place. Life is so fast that you end up walking past places without knowing what they are. The Strand Palace is exactly one of those places and when Eleana from That London Life invited me to afternoon tea, I jumped at the chance. When I walked into the hotel, there was a strong sense of familiarity that reminded me of the Sheraton Hotel Times Square in New York. The hotel lobby was fragrant as I headed to the Gin Palace restaurant to have my afternoon tea. We were seated in comfortable purple plush chairs and offered drinks. I had an alcohol free apple and orange juice whilst Eleana had a Berry drink that was so strong with gin that she had to take it sip by sip.

The afternoon tea arrived on an oval cake tiers with the food laid out beautifully. Each layer looked better than the next with the sandwiches in the middle, scones on the bottom and scrumptious looking desserts on top.

The sandwiches were cucumber and cream cheese, chicken and egg, ham and cheese and salmon sandwiches. I had mentioned to the hotel that I was vegetarian but the message had not been communicated across very well. After a bit of confusion, I decided to eat my cucumber and cheese sandwiches and indulge in the cakes instead. Next up, I had the scones. Though they were not fresh scones, they were good enough and I had it with the clotted cream and strawberry jam. The real stars of the tea were the desserts, they were delicious. The victoria sponge cake was soft and moist, the blueberry and lemon tart was not as tangy as I thought it would be and the dark chocolate mousse bite was deliciously rich.

Though the hotel did not have a huge range of teas, I got a green tea to have with my scones which was pleasant to sip on as we chatted away. We had a lovely afternoon at the hotel eating cakes and talking about blogging and life. The Strand Palace was not one of the best afternoon teas I have ever had but it was a pleasant afternoon in a London hotel.

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