Adventures in Iceland – Walking in a Glacier


If anyone had said to me this time last year that i would walking in a glacier in Iceland, i would have laughed my head but this dear readers, is just what i have done. I am pleased to report that it was one of the best experiences of my life. We headed to a farm on a bright morning and after some complimentary soup and bread, kitted out in helmets and crampons (spikes to go on the bottom of your boots to stop you from slipping on ice). Like little kids who had just learnt how to walk, we stamped around the ice and started to test how well we could walk on the ice.


After waiting around, this car (see above) slash jeep hybrid rumbled across the field towards us and that was to be our transport to get us closer to the glacier. It was such a hilarious tide. The car had no seat belts and we were literally being thrown around in the back as the car slipped and skidded through the snow and the ice. After a few bumps, we arrived at a steel bridge and were told that we would be walked on foot from there on.


It was honestly brilliant. We had a rather odd route for the snow to prevent falling through the snow and into the frozen lake below us and finally got to the magical glacier. I have to say that it is the most amazing thing i have ever seen. It was beautiful and huge and had all the shades of blue embedded within it. It was breathtaking to see what mother nature can do when left to its own devices. Under guidance from our guide, we walked into an awe inspiring ice cave. It was fantastic, just layers upon layers of ice bonded together to create this magnificent cave.


I loved it and honestly was so happy that i had managed to get the guts up to go and see this glacier up close. Yet another adventure in Iceland and one i will remember for a lifetime.

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