Adventures in Iceland – Day 3


Our last full day in Iceland involved us going on the Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon tour. First stop was the volcano which had erupted a few years ago and had caused chaos for all European airlines. It just looked magnificent in the sunshine and showed the amount of power nature can have on modern day living.

Next stop was by far my ultimate favourite part of the trip, visit to the secret lagoon. It is literally a geothermal pool which stays 40 degrees warm all year around and just felt like bliss to walk into. It was a freezing, walking to the pool but once you were inside, you felt as though you would never be cold again. It felt amazing to jus lie back in the water and watch the snow mountains around you and here the erupting geyser next to you.


Once we had lazed around to our heart’s content, we headed to a geyser park which erupted every 5 to 10 minutes and looked amazing when they did. It was incredibly busy when we went as people were desperately trying to get selfies with the geyser erupting in the background. It was a beautiful sight and the water shot up around seven metres above ground level and you could feel the warmth radiating from it, if you were up close.


Last visit was to the Thingvellir National Park which again had mind blowing landscapes and lots of beautiful scenery to take in. The icy waterfalls were fantastic, gushing water slicing through the ice and snow like it had no regard for its surroundings. I loved the sound that they made when they hit the bottom. We also had the chance to see the rift, the point where the tectonic plates for Europe and Northern America meet and the rift was huge and so visible. I was enchanted by the landscape and honestly, there is no part of Iceland which i thought didn’t look fantastic.

I hope you enjoyed reading my posts about my trip to Iceland, it has been a real step out my comfort zone for me but i have loved every moment.

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