Accessorize Love Lily Perfume & Body Lotion review

I have never been one of those people to buy perfume from Accessorize. I never seem to smell them or see what they are like at the tills as I am so busy buying what I need to and focusing on getting out of there. I was very kindly sent the Accessorize LoveLily perfume set to review and I was pleasantly surprised.

The packaging is so pretty, floral and feminine and what really strikes me is the flower in the lid of the perfume. It looks gorgeous on the dressing table alongside all my other perfumes. Lily is one of my favourite scents and this perfume is no exception. It is floral with an undertone of a deep musk fragrance of jasmine and vanilla that really appeals to me.

The body lotion is silky soft and is a perfect accompaniment to the perfume. They both smell like summer, a season that I crave in the winter months. I am currently using this on my jackets to make them smell fresh and reminiscent of warmer months.

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