About Me

Hi I’m Sanoobar,

I’ve been writing this blog purely because I love writing and talking to an audience. I am obsessed with afternoon teas, fashion, beauty, travel and films. Fashion was an early passion of mine which developed as a teen, whether it is Indian or Western, I just love the way the right dress or even the right bag can make you feel like a million pounds. Beauty was a later found interest but I have really got into experimenting with different looks and trying out new colours and shades.

I enjoy travelling to new countries and discovering new cultures and traditions and best of all I love framing it for myself in a photograph. I have always been obsessed with capturing my experiences, whether it is writing it down or taking photos. I have kept a scrapbook since I was old enough to read and write and my online blog has become my live scrapbook that I share with all of you.

If you love an afternoon tea and being as girly as I am, you will love my little space on the internet.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much I enjoy writing it,

Sanoobar x

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