A Duke in Need of a Wife review

A Duke in Need of a Wife by Annie Burrows is the perfect winter’s read, easy to read with characters which warm your heart with the love they share.

‘A Duke in need of a Wife’ does what it says on the cover. This book gets straight to the point with the storyline, and it is easy to read from the moment you get through the first page. The characters are stereotype, the heroine is a downtrodden heroine who is oppressed by societal values and the hero is a cool aristocratic Duke, superior in every way.

Sofia is at a firework display celebrating peace with France when disaster strikes, with a firework gone awry causing a fire and a stampede. When Sofia spots a woman on fire, she runs towards her and rushes to her side to help her and arrives at the same time as one of the waiters. Little does Sofia know that the ‘waiter’ is in fact the Duke of Theakstone who tries to get her to go back to her guardians. Sofia instead opts to stay to comfort the injured woman and uses her cloak to protect the woman’s modesty. The Duke is struck by her actions and feels compelled to visit Sofia at her home and find out more about her.

Sofia is a lovely character, headstrong, caring and completely selfless in both her actions and her thoughts. Burrows takes a lot of time to set the scene when it comes to Sofia’s background and explains in great detail about how and why she reacts to situations the way she does. The Duke is a typical son of an unfeeling father who is fraught with his own insecurities and is trying to right the wrongs against Sofia. You do fall for the characters carefully and you do love to see how they both find their way to care of each other, despite both being so different. I would have liked to see more from the Duke’s point of view and his background, it seemed to be brushed over compared to Sofia’s detailed upbringing.

A Duke in Need of a Wife is a great book, told with a lot of heart and feeling. The characters are well drawn and you can’t help but fall in love with them.

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