3 more days to go!

Three more days to go till i get eye laser surgery. Looking at these pictures, i’ve realised that wearing glasses, i pretty much look the same each day (need to trim my fringe too!). 

I had a work event today. An event where normally i would have worn a pretty dress and sorted out my hair and make up. Instead, i just felt quite dumpy all day and really could not bring myself to make an effort. It was like no matter how much i tried, i felt like retreating behind my glasses like the old me would have done.

I have to say, knowing that i only have three days or now two days to go means that my nerves have gone up a notch. I am refusing to read any of the horror stories about eye laser surgery. Those of you out there hesitating, don’t forget that more people write bad reviews than good.

Smile! 🙂

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