2019 Book Goals

Becoming a book blogger and setting some book goals for 2019

One of my huge New Year’s Resolutions in 2019 to have some real book goals for 2019. Reading has always been a source of real comfort for me and in more recent years, as my life changed, I had forgotten how amazing it could be to curl up with a book and disappear from this world for a little while. So I am going to set myself some book goals for 2019.

1. Read 31 books 31 books for each year I have been alive on this Earth

2. Write book reviews I honestly don’t have many friends who love to read like me so writing them about them on here will make me feel like I am sharing my thoughts on the books with my own group of friends.

3. Read at least two classics The classic books are the best but I can not honestly say that I have read one in recent times. 

4. Don’t buy more books till I have read the ones on my Kindle  Now do not get my wrong, having a Kindle changed my life but I am notoriously bad at downloading the books and never getting around to reading them and/or finishing them.

5. Re-read two of my old favourite books from my teens  I was a HUGE bookworm as kid and there are so many books that I no longer remember anymore. So here I am setting a goal to re-reading at least two of the old ones.

Here are some of my book goals for 2019. What are your book goals and do you have any book recommendations? Comment below!

Sanoobar x

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