Vegetarian Afternoon Tea at the Georgian Restaurant, Harrods

Harrods has a bit of a reputation when it comes to afternoon tea. The Georgian Restaurant at Harrods is one to be visited in London, it is so beautifully ornate and adds an immediate sense of occasion when it comes to afternoon tea. The restaurant serves Harrods’ own brand of tea and is known for its impeccable service.

We were seated and then offered our choice of tea. I immediately chose the lemon and ginger tea to warn off the winter chill from outside and began sipping it and enjoying the ambience. We had both requested particular teas, vegetarian and halal and the restaurant were happy to accommodate our requests.

Both our afternoon teas came on separate stands and looked absolutely delicious.  My sandwiches were mozarella and tomato, cream cheese and cucumber, celery and hummus and a feta and spinach tart. It was all delicious and I was so hungry that I ate them all eagerly, enjoying the mixture of tastes and smells.

The scones came warm and fresh and crumbled at the touch. We were given them with clotted cream, marmalade, a lemony tangy sauce whose name I don’t remember and strawberry jam. I loved the scones, they were so delectable and the selection of topping made it a treat as we ate through them trying the different combinations.

The desserts were literally the topping on the cake. Each of the desserts were beautifully crafted, the salted caramel tart and the Victoria sponge were my favourites. The service in the restaurant was fantastic, our waiter was very attentive and happy to attend to our every need. I had a great time trying out the afternoon tea at the Georgian and it would make a great accompaniment to a day out shopping in Harrods.

If you would like to book the tea, you can do it here.

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