Chocolate Ecstasy Tour London // National Chocolate Week

My love for chocolate is no secret. I was very kindly asked to attend a chocolate tour of London with Chocolate Ecstasy Tours  and I was so excited. I could not start tasting all the chocolate, purely for research purposes of course!


On a sunny Saturday morning, I headed to meet the group at Sketch. If you are a devoted reader of my blog, you may remember the afternoon tea I went to this year for my birthday at Sketch so I was super excited to go back to the restaurant. This time round, I was in the Sketch bar area on the ground floor which was equally fab in the way it was decorated. We all got to know each other and had the lovely Natasha, a chocolate historian (dream job alert!) explain the history of chocolate over a cup of hot chocolate and a pastry. She also explained the right way to taste chocolate and know that you are eating a premium quality chocolate brand.

Charbonnel Et Walker

We then headed to Charbonnel Et Walker, established since 1875 and still the Queen’s official chocolatier. Based in the Royal Arcade on New Bond Street, the chocolate shop is definitely one to be marvelled at. We tasted the Queen’s favourite chocolates and tried some of the most delicious salted caramel truffles.


Walking into Prestat felt like walking into what I would imagine Charlie felt like walking into the chocolate factory. The packing for their chocolate is a novelty, so beautifully decorated and every chocolate box seemed more different than the next. The chocolates were equally delicious and as the Queen Mother’s favourite chocolatier, their mint chocolate was their speciality.


Next stop was Carpo, a Greek chocolatier that I must have walked past a thousand times before but never walked in. Their nutty chocolates were very decadent and honestly, you could only have one as the sheer nut content would fill you up quickly.

Paul A Young

Paul A Young is a chocolatier that I had come across before but I learnt more about how the store came about. I loved tasting the interesting flavours including the Bannofee Pie, Scone Jam and Clotted Cream and Blackcurrant and Basil flavoured truffles.

I had an amazing time on the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour and I can’t imagine anyone better than Natasha leading the tour. Her enthusiasm and passion for the subject made the tour a joy to be on around London.

For more information about the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour, see here.

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