Women’s Equality Day 2017 – Bloggers make up free and fabulous

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Never has been a topic been more prevalent in the public eye than women’s equality. It even came about on a show like ‘Love Island’ this year when Camilla felt that Johnny’s perception of women’s equality meant she couldn’t be with him. Johnny said the UK having a female Prime Minister meant women were equal but that is so not the point. It is not just about women being in positions of power (though this is lacking in so many professions), it about women being not having access to things like education, professions and even a voice in a society too. Even though we live in the UK, we are still seeing women being denied access to the top positions in companies because people on top worry that women will take time off for childcare and family and will have other priorities away from the organisations. Women are still seen in society as being overly emotional, by men and by women and judged by it too.

Women’s equality day celebrates all that women have achieved in the world but also reminds us about the improvements that still need to happen to ensure that change continues. As women, we are powerful and our voice counts. We should stand together and remember that we can achieve the same as men and we deserve the same as them.

For Women’s Equality Day 2017, I asked some of my fellow bloggers to take a make up free selfie and say what the day meant to them.


Albertine from DippyWrites.com

Women’s Equality will never fail to be important to me. Yes, we’ve come a long way when it comes to equality for women, but there’s still so much that needs to be done. Women’s Equality Day is the perfect time to celebrate the improvements that have been made and to look forwards to how we want to improve things in the future. Blogging is an industry dominated by women, and it’s exciting to play an active role in an area where I feel I am surrounded by some incredibly inspiring and talented people. I hope social media will continue to give women a voice, and the tools they require to become modern day entrepreneurs, without the need to follow more traditional (and male-dominated) career paths.

Amina Ali from aliandher.com

To me women’s equality is not just relevant in terms of the right to vote but also things like the right to an equal education, equal parenting, equal pay.

I see the bigger picture and I think everyone should be seen as equal to one another. No one is superior to another, after all we are all the same inside. While to me this just seems normal, to others it is not, and being a woman is seen as a disadvantage.

To this I say, I am strong because I am a woman, I am proud to be a woman and challenge me to anything and I will succeed. This is something that has been ingrained in me from the positive female role models around me, my sisters, my mother and my friends, and this is something I hope to pass on to my two daughters.

Equality matters and I hope one day all people will be treated equally no matter what sex, religion, race, disability or social status.

Saleha from StrictlySal.com

Equality to me means empowerment and to celebrate who I am, to be proud of myself and the choices I have made in life. 

Women and men should both be given the same opportunity to grow, fulfil their potentials and be successful. I am really lucky to be in a relationship were my partner treats me as his equal and encourages me to embrace myself and to work towards my dreams and goals. Even with the house work he is a gem and would go out his way to support me! I am not to be treated as a house maid or a cook and be able to work towards bigger achievements in my life. 

I have been put in situations were I have been judged for being an Indian Muslim Women and questioned whether I would be able to commit to a job and worth the time/effort that would be put into me and not just run off to get married and have babies.  

Most women of the world do not get the same opportunities as women of the western world and its a great shame as we have a lot to contribute. 

A huge thank you to all my blogger girls for taking part in this post, and don’t forget to take a moment to reflect on what the day means to you.

Sanoobar x

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