Ctrl Alt Del: Bossin’ it with Helen Whitaker // Tips for aspiring journalists


I love Emma Gannon. Emma is a blogger, speaker, author and podcaster and hosts her own podcast show Ctrl Alt Del. I have been listening to it since the last year or so and i find all the shows incredibly inspirational and informative.


On an incredibly wet Wednesday, i gathered with fellow bloggers, youtubers and women looking to get into the journalism/ writing industry at the Hoxton hotel in Shoreditch. For this particular talk, Emma interviewed GLAMOUR’s entertainment editor, Helen Whitaker for her first talk and i thought i would share with you some of the things that i found interesting from the talk.

  • Getting cover stars is hard work even for GLAMOUR Helen mentioned that they could only get particular cover stars if the celebrities were promoting something. She mentioned how the team ended up having to travel to Brussels to interview and shoot Adele for the cover.
  • Journalism is hard work So many people want to get into the industry and Helen mentioned that getting internships is still incredibly important. She also said that aspiring writers should not be afraid to be different and talk about things they are interested in when it came to the internship interviews.
  • Freelance work Helen mentioned that she has a database of freelance writers she relies on and it is their portfolio that speaks for themselves. More often than not, publicists are keen to work with freelancers who have experience interviewing people in similar fields. Helen also said that Jo Elvin, editor of GLAMOUR, does read the letters and emails that readers write in so that can be a good way to get yourself on the magazine’s radar.
  • Magazines will survive The magazine industry seems to have had a tumultuous time but Helen said that magazine covers are still something that people aspire to be on and she does not see that changing in the near future.

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